Shabbat services begin on Friday evenings at 7 pm and on Saturday mornings at 9 am.

Perrineville Jewish Center

855 Perrineville Road     Perrineville, New Jersey 08535     (732) 446-6018

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Membership - Call: 732-334-8774

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If you are looking for a strong spiritual, emotional and social Jewish connection, than Perrineville Jewish Center is the perfect place for you. We openly welcome your participation in our many services, programs, activities, and events. At the present time our membership is composed of approximately 130 families. We pride ourselves on our warm welcoming atmosphere.  We offer many special programs to help integrate and involve new members into the life of our congregation. From educational and ritual to social events, there are lots of opportunities to help out. While the religious services and most of the programs are open to non-members, membership in the congregation is required for children to be enrolled in our Hebrew School. Join the Perrineville Jewish Center and become a full and active member of our family. Attend our religious services and take advantage of the many religious, educational, and social opportunities we offer.