Perrineville Jewish Center

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Ritual Life

at PJC

Perrineville Jewish Center is a family friendly synagogue.  Our Friday evening conservative worship services are egalitarian and are conducted both in Hebrew and English.  The Hebrew has English translation and transliteration. In conjunction with the Rabbi, men and women act as service leaders. We especially encourage youngsters who are currently studying for their Bar / Bat Mitzvahs to participate as prayer leaders. Our Shabbat morning services largely follow Orthodox practices. Services are almost entirely in Hebrew and parts of the service are led by the Rabbi or other male chazzanim.

Once a month we have a modified Saturday morning service from 10:00 am - 11:15 am. This service is a different service from the “traditional” Saturday service. It includes more English and is easier to follow. The Rabbi explains the Torah Parsha for the week and its relevance to us as Jews. It is a family friendly service. In addition, individuals will receive a special blessing for their birthday or anniversary that month. High Holy Day services follow the Conservative ritual, with a considerable amount of repetition of prayers in English. We welcome families with children at all worship services. Children are invited to the Bimah for Kiddush on Friday evening,and to walk in the Torah procession on Saturday morning. In addition, services for children and their families are held once a month during the school year on Friday evenings. We are in the possession of a cemetery and chapel.

Shabbat services begin on Friday evenings at 7 pm and on Saturday mornings at 9 am.