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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a simcha which we look forward to for years, but which comes and goes too quickly. Your celebrations should be a special time for you and your family.

During their training, your children are taught the importance and significance of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and their Torah portion. Throughout the LEV Academy years, your child is prepared for, and given a robust foundation in, “Jewish citizenship”.  Now your child is mature enough to grasp the deeper, more meaningful significance of Judaism, our history, practices and concepts. It is our desire that your child’s first act of participation, the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, truly becomes the first of many. We urge you to accompany your son/daughter on this “Journey into Jewishness”; to both lead them and guide them.

It is vital that both the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and their family become familiar with the Shabbat ritual and order of services to have the highest degree of participation and to elevate its religious and spiritual meaning and purpose.   The students are encouraged to go up to the bima as often as possible to familiarize themselves with the service prayers, blessings and rituals. Only through such regular attendance can the students and their parents achieve a reasonable degree of reading fluency in the prayer book, knowledge of the geography of the prayer book and the order of the Shabbat services.    We strongly urge you and your family to attend Friday night and Saturday morning services as often as possible.  Attendance will afford your child opportunities to practice leading the prayers in front of a small group and to learn prayers which they may not be familiar with. The ceremony will have more meaning only when the parents and child view this as something more than a ritual. It is the continuity of rather than an end to learning.  

The religious leadership, LEV Academy administration, staff and congregation extend our good wishes to you and your family and are available to assist you in planning your child’s special day.

PJC Mitzvah Committee

Important Information

  • No child shares a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Date.  The date you are given is for your child only and the whole service and day is focused on your child and family.
  • ALL Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates will coincide with the child’s thirteenth (13) birthday. 
  • ALL Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s must be held at Perrineville Jewish Center 
  • ALL Bar/Bat Mitzvahs will take place during the Saturday morning service at 9:00 am (some exceptions apply).
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s are held on Saturday morning at 9:00 am along with our regular congregation.  Allowing family and friends to be a part of your child’s simcha is an honorApproximately 2 months prior to your child’s event, Inbar Robbins will schedule a time to meet with you to review the honors to be awarded to family/friends. 

    The honors are:
    * Opening the Ark

    * Carrying the Torah
    * Hagbah (Raising the Torah)
    * Gelilah (Dressing the Torah)
    * Prayers for Country, World Peace & Israel (in English and can be given to non-Jewish friends and family whom you wish to include in the service)
    Closing the Ark

Wed, February 21 2024 12 Adar I 5784